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It is our school policy that all children wear school uniform when attending school, or when participating in school-organised events outside normal school hours. We ask children to wear their shirts tucked into their skirts or trousers and to take a pride in their personal appearance.

Most uniform can be bought from local high street stores although we do expect you to purchase the Deansfield grey jumper or cardigan, available from JK Clothing, Eltham from January 2020.

Our policy on school uniform is based on the belief that school uniform:

  • promotes a sense of pride in our school;
  • helps to create a sense of community and belonging towards the school;
  • identifies the children with the school;
  • supports our commitment to inclusion;
  • prevents children from wearing ‘fashion clothes’ that could be distracting in class;
  • is practical, smart and designed with health and safety in mind;
  • is considered good value for money by most parents.

The Role of Parents

We seek parents support to ensure that their child has the correct uniform and PE kit, and that it is clean, in good repair with their child’s name written on all items.

Children who arrive at school wearing a non-uniform jumper or cardigan may be loaned an appropriate clean second hand item for the day.


White polo shirt with the school embroidered badge, available from JK Clothing. Plain white shirts, polo shirts or blouses from High Street shops can also be worn.  

Grey cardigan or jumper with the green V neck stripe and Deansfield logo are mandatory and available from JK Clothing.

Grey pinafore dress, skirts, trousers or shorts available from high street stores.


Black shoes or trainers should always be enclosed, not open toed, and flat or very low heeled.

No coloured trainers please.

If boots are worn these should also be plain black.

Heelies, all types of boots or shoes with toys inserted in the heels are not allowed on school premises.

Plain black short or knee length socks (not over the knee) or black or grey tights. White socks may be work with girl’s summer dresses. Socks are available from high street stores. Girls may also wear black tights.

Green and white checked summer dresses may be worn in the summer term.

PE Kit

White round neck close fitting T shirt and black shorts with black plimsolls (please check that they still fit!) or black trainers. These can be bought from High Street Stores.

If you prefer, white round neck T shirts with the school logo can be bought from the JK Clothing.

Black jog bottoms can be worn only if the children are having their PE lessons outside and the weather is chilly.

PE Kit should be available, IN SCHOOL, throughout the week.

Children are encouraged to bring in their PE Kit on Mondays and take the Kit home for washing on Fridays. Parents are advised by letter if a child does not have a PE Kit available for lessons at school.

Please provide an appropriate bag with your child’s name clearly marked.

Please do not send carrier bags into school as they present a health and safety risk.

For health and safety reasons children are not permitted to wear earrings for PE. Your child’s teacher will advise you when PE lessons take place so that earrings can be removed.

Book bags and PE bags

Also available from JK Clothing in the school colour with the school logo..

Jewellery, Hair Ornaments, Make-up and Nail Varnish

For health and safety reasons we do not allow children to wear jewellery. The exceptions to this rule are ear-ring studs in pierced ears. Children are required to remove any items during PE lessons to prevent them from causing injury.

Hair bands, ribbons/bows or ‘scrunchies’ should be plain and either grey, green or black. Hair bands should not have large flowers attached.

  • Make up and nail varnish should not be worn to school.
  • Extreme hairstyles are not appropriate for school.
  • The school cannot be responsible for any jewellery brought to school.
Please ensure ALL SCHOOL UNIFORM AND EQUIPMENT IS NAMED, INCLUDING LUNCH BOXES. – JK Clothing supply labels if you need them.

Lunches should NOT be brought into school in carrier bags.


from JK Clothing

  • Jumpers – all sizes £16.00
  • Cardigans – all sizes £17.00
  • White polo shirts – all sizes £6.50
  • PE T-shirt £4.50 PE shorts £4.00
  • Book bags £6.00 PE bags £4.00

Also available: black PE shorts, iron on name tags, plimsoles and shoes etc.

Orders can be purchased from the shop or made online (delivery charge payable)

JK Clothing
148 Well Hall Road
London SE9 6SN


Tel: 020 8859 4004
Email address:


Pre-loved uniform sales are held regularly.

If you have uniform to donate, please drop it at the main school reception. Thank you