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Core Priorities

Improvement Priorities 2023-2024 

High Quality First Teaching strategies are used to secure the very best for all our children. 

  • What: To capture the unique success of quality first teaching and precise interventions to continue to close the gap in attainment in all areas of learning. 
  • Why: To ensure the vast majority (90%) of children are on track to achieve age-related expectations by the end of their time at Deansfield to successfully access the next stage in their learning journey. 


  • What: To further develop consistent approaches to planning, assessment and teaching of writing. 
  • Why: To ensure that progress is accelerated, and children are fluent when writing in all subjects  


  • What: To empower all children, parents, families and staff to maximise and sustain their mental health and well-being. 
  •   Why: Good mental health and well-being is fundamental in supporting feelings of confidence and happiness and the ability to progress academically, emotionally and socially.   



  •   What: To precisely embed transition processes and ensure continuous provision remains outstanding 
  • Why: Children continue to remain settled as they transition through the school


  • What: To further enrich the cultural capital experiences for the whole school community
  • Why: Families to have a greater access to the learning and research that we have in school and all children to have a rich breadth of experiences to deepen their knowledge base further.